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Based in Copenhagen and founded in early 2000, the mission and vision of Savivo is to bring back the magic in learning. As an award-winning educational online games and apps developer, we have the winning formula to create games for kids to learn in a fun, innovative and smart way.

By embracing a unique learning philosophy in designing our interactive and innovative learning platforms, we believe that learning can be inspired, and better retained, through a holistic cohesive edutainment approach with learner-centered and selfdirected learning pedagogies as the cornerstones of our web-based products and mobile apps.

With technology becoming ever so instrumental in breaking down global and social barriers to empower children today, we believe in fostering learning partnerships with educational institutions, governments, corporations, non-governmental organisations across the globe to fight illiteracy and to awaken the love for learning in every child.

Because at the heart of championing edutainment is for every child to say: Learning starts with me.

Savivo Around the World

Best MoBiz and Innovative Enterprise Award - 2013Savivo’s CEO Stephan Stephensen together with the winners of the “Best MoBiz and Innovative Enterprise Award” 2013

  • In 2011, Savivo won the coveted “Danish Mobile Award“ in recognition for making an extraordinary impact in mobile technology.
  • In 2013, Savivo won the prestigious “Best MoBiz and Innovative Enterprise Award” at the Global Mobile Internet Conference, where Savivo also sat on the mobile education panel in Beijing.
  • In April 2013, Preschool English debut in the massive China App Store and soared to #1 rank in the Education category in just a week.
  • This Autumn, Preschool English scored number 1 in the App Store’s Education category in a number of Latin American countries like Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and Venezuela.
  • In October 2013, Savivo presented new products in a stand at the Language Show Live in London.
  • In December 2013, Savivo took part in the European Media and Learning Conference in Brussels, organized by the Flemish Ministry of Education.
  • In December 2013, Savivo competed for the “Media Awards” for e-learning innovation in Brussels, supported by the Lifelong Programme of the European Commission.
  • Savivo was part of the Technology for Education Meeting, London, UK, 2014 Tech4Ed Series, organized by the Global Business Coalition for Education.
  • Savivo was at the BETT Show, London, UK
  • In February 2014 Savivo joined a number of selected m-learning experts at the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week, Paris, France.
  • Savivo had a m-learning presentation at the IT World Edu, 20-21 February, Barcelona, Spain.
  • In March 2014, Savivo presented at the Global Education Forum in Dubai, UAE
  • In May 2014, Savivo had a session on exporting digital education at the #EDUdisrupt Summit 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Stephan Stephensen, CEO & Founder

Stephan Stephensen, CEO & Founder

A frequent guest speaker on e-learning, m-learning, digital education games technology, Stephan Stephensen founded Savivo in early 2000s in Copenhagen, Denmark, which was a milestone in revolutionizing English and Math learning in classrooms with award-winning mobile apps and web-based products.

From paper learning to e-learning to m-learning, Stephan’s keen foresight in the shifting trends of technology in transforming education saw him create a series of mobile and online learning software, including Mingoville English and Mondiso Math programs.

The result of his work is more than 30 educational apps, many of which have scored number 1 in the Apple Education App stores all over the world. Notably in Denmark, Norway, Netherland, Belgium, China, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela

Stephan Stephensen is a frequent guest speaker on m-learning and digital education. In 2013 he participated in a panel discussion at The Global Mobile Internet Conference, Beijing and he was a speaker at two major European events: The European Media and Learning Conference, Brussels and the Language Show Live, London. So far in 2014, he has been a keynote speaker and a jury at the Global Education Forum and Awards, Dubai. He has also presented Savivo at the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week, Paris and the ITWorldEdu in Barcelona. His latest event was the #EDUdisrupt Summit, Copenhagen, where he spoke about the “International digital education”.

His work has been recognized by awards such as the “Danish Mobile Award“ 2011 for making an extraordinary impact in mobile technology and the “Best MoBiz and Innovative Enterprise Award” at the Global Mobile Internet Conference, Beijing, China 2013.

The Team

Savivo's highly qualified team consists of educators, designers, programmers, whom you can trust to bring your kids the best possible online English learning courses available for your PC and mobile devices.

We work hard to bring you the newest, most advanced, and effective e-learning solutions to help kids learn English online.

Meet Savivo in 2014:


Technology for Education Meeting, London, UK, 2014 Tech4Ed Series, Global Business Coalition for Education, London, UK, 21 January 2014

BETT Show, 22-25 January 2014, London, UK


UNESCO Mobile Learning Week, Paris, France, 18-19 February 2014

IT World Edu, 20-21 February, Barcelona, Spain


Global Education Forum, Dubai, UAE, 4-6 March 2014


EDU Disruptive, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 14, 2014

Savivo around the world

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