What can Savivo do for your child?

At Savivo we take pride in our educational programs and games, and believe that education is the foundation of the future. We develop educational content for children everywhere, from the US in the west, to China in the east. The key to our success can be found in our learning philosophy.

Our programs and games are structured and easy to get into, no matter if you’re a parent, a teacher or a child. Part of what makes our programs so accessible is our dialogue-based approach to communication. By explaining the topics and subjects, we get to put them into a context and explain not only the “how” but also the “why”.

This wouldn’t have been as successful if not for a certain three-letter word, which isn’t normally associated with education. However, we know that when children have FUN, they are more inclined to learn and they spend more time doing so. And we have the results to back this up!

  • In Mingoville English, we’ve observed how adding simple game mechanics to activities such as our Word Search have increased the time children spend on it by 300 per cent!
  • In Mingoville Fun Clock, we’ve been told how the fun, game-like activities have taught children how to tell time much faster than what the parents could do on their own.
  • In Mondiso, our math program, using spoken dialogue, humor and pedagogical exercises, we’ve made sure that math has never been more interesting and relevant.