Savivo is your preferred teaching companion!

YOU Get to Choose the Lessons Most Relevant to YOUR Students!

Savivo can connect your school with the world leading Learning Management Systems to make your student registration easy. Make it FUN for your school’s students to learn English and Math online with Savivo’s comprehensive lessons. Check our products list and find the program that you need! Colorful characters engage students, letting kids learning by “doing” through an edutainment e-learning model featuring lessons, songs, and games for kids.

Savivo understands that:

  • Children learn best when it’s fun.
  • Kids learn more effectively when they are immersed in the task.
  • Not all children learn in the same way.

Savivo will work for any student, whether they learn best by doing (interacting through games), visually (associating images with written words), or in auditory ways (such as through songs and pronunciations).

Savivo offers virtual learning tools to help children learn English and Math more effectively, including:

  • ‘Teacher’s Guide’ – with detailed lessons’ plans
  • ‘My Book’ – A “notebook” where students can save activities, and teachers note program requirements.
  • ‘Showroom’ – A place where students can showcase their best work.

Our bundled licenses are available to schools with a full administration program allowing teachers to plan, select, and evaluate all student activities. To learn more about Savivo for schools, please email Register now to experience the educational power of Savivo for yourself! Check our products list and find the program that you need!