Savivo’s products have been approved by several Ministries of Education in the world and sponsored by businesses. Savivo’s flagship English e-learning virtual world, Mingoville English, has over 2 million registered users around the world.

In 2006, Savivo’s breakthrough came when we were awarded a tender by the Danish Ministry of Education to develop e-learning tools for Danish schools.

2009 saw Savivo going global as we teamed up with the Chilean government in their fight against English illiteracy in Chile. More than 200K Chileans signed up to Mingoville English in just the first two weeks of the campaign. The event was graced by the President of Chile and attracted the investment of mobile telco, VTR, to back the campaign and was followed by extensive media coverage.

In the same year, Savivo was appointed by the Portuguese government to integrate Mingoville English on half a million Intel's Classmate PCs in Portugal. The Portuguese Government had conceived an ambitious and realistic plan to equip all school children with a laptop. 1000 laptops were also sent to Botswana. In the mean time, a Portuguese publishing house, Texto Editores, has designed and produced 4 English books for children based on the Mingoville’s interactive English program.

In 2011, Savivo joined forces with all the major telcos in Denmark to deliver a highly successful nationwide Corporate Social Responsibility program where our mobile-learning Math app was “adopted” by the telcos to stream-for-free to all their users.

Savivo’s CEO Stephan Stephensen with the Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in 2009