Savivo is a portmanteau of the words savvy and vivo, the Spanish word for life. Our bestselling programs are focused on English and Math. They are developed for web browsers, smartphones and tablets running on Android and iOS.


Savivo's English series include: Mingoville Primary School, Mingoville Preschool and Mingoville Storytelling. The Math programs include Mondiso, Hexaville and Pitropolis. We also have other educational programs such as FunClock, which is designed to teach children how to tell time.

Global impact

Savivo's programs have millions of users across the globe. They have been used by the Ministries of Education in Denmark, Chile and Portugal and sponsored by private organisations in the USA, the Netherlands, Vietnam and India. Our applications have been numerous times Number 1 in the Educational Category in the Apple Store.

Further information

You can read more about the company history on our Wikipedia Page.

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