Do you want to be a national reseller for Savivo's products?

We would like to offer you the opportunity to collaborate with us! It's easy to start: in 3 simple steps!

  1. Send us an email

    Write to about your company's profile and we will provide you with all of the necessary marketing materials in English.

  2. Strike a deal

    Then you just have to strike your first school district deal! A successful deal can only prove to both parties, that this will be a successful and mutually beneficial partnership!

  3. Sign a reseller contract!

    After your successful sale we will agree on the terms and conditions on the contract.

  1. Experience with direct phone sales
  2. Knowledge about the national educational sector
  3. Good understanding of ICT in schools, online education and m-learning
Initial Sales Process:

We offer subscriptions to school districts for 1 and 3 years (where the 2nd and 3rd are paid in the respective years).

First Sale Commission:

There is a fixed commission for the first sale. For further details please contact us.

Geographic Area:

We welcome national resellers. Please write to us to find out, if your country has a national representative or it is still available.

Size of school district sale:

The minimum size of the first sale is at least 3000 licences to either an entire school district or a number of schools.


We recommend that you start with schools that are equipped with tablets.

After Sale:

Once you execute the sale, please contact us and we will send the invoice, issue the licences for the school and pay your commission upon the payment from the school.

Become a reseller:

We will be happy to proceed with resellers' contract after your first school district sale!


You are welcome to sell the Mingoville and Mondiso Series including:

Mingoville English School Edition:

6-12 years old, covering 2 years of school curriculum.

Mingoville Storytelling:

6 - 12 years old, which can be used as a bundled or upselling strategy and it can be used for a school term.

Mingoville Preschool:

4 to 8 years old, covering 2 years of school curriculum.

Mingoville Fun Clock:

4 - 8 years old, which can be used as a bundled or upselling strategy and it can be used for a lesson plan for the numbers or teaching kids to tell the time.

Mondiso Math in English:

6 - 9 years old, which include the first 3 years of math curriculum: Year 1,2,3. It can be bundled or sold as separate programs to English Speaking Countries.

Marketing materials will include:
  1. Pricing list in Euros or your local currency
  2. How to use the pricing list
  3. Our programs brochure that you can use in your email to schools or as a marketing material.
  4. A curriculum grid, which corresponds to the Common European Network of Reference for Languages.
  5. You can find further marketing materials on our Media page, where you can download pictures and screenshots for promotional purposes:
  6. You can find our corporate videos here: Mingoville English: School Edition, Mingoville Preschool and Mingoville Storytelling
Contact us!

If you want to take your business to the next level and add our English and/or Math programs to your current offer for B2B sales to schools and schools districts in your country, we will be happy to hear from you.

Contact us for further details on:
Tel: +45 3333 8111
Savio A/S
Lersoe Park Alle 107, 1
Copenhagen, 2100